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Rabam Chaya Ratchaburi
Rabam Chaya Uayporn
Rabam Eight Tribes in Ratchaburi
Rabam Ratchaburi Bunluer
Musical Performance on “Sai Sampan Muban ChomBueng”
Rabam Pasarnsil Thai Ratchaburi
Narration of Chompon Cave
Ratchaburi Dragon Jars
Local Materials of Ratchaburi
Nang Yai Show (Shadow Show)
Articles Related to Arts of Performances

 Please join the ceremony to cerebrate the King, the Queen and the crown Prince “Sarm Pra Ming Khwan Jai Thai Siam” and Various Compelitions on August 1, 2012 at The Circulating Exhibition Room and Culture Ground in front of the Office of Arts and Culture
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 “Chaya Ratchaburi” Dance on the Anniversary of Ratchaburi Rotary Ploy Club on June 29, 2012
 “Chaya Ratchaburi” Dance at the Teacher Respectation Ceremony of the University Students and Certificate Award for the Students and Certificate Award for the Students Participating in Arts and Culture Foster Aspect on July 5, 2012
 The Students’ Performance Promoting Poeng Lang Band and Ceremony of Welcome Dance at the Orientation for the Academic Year 2012 on May 30, 2012
 Join Arts and Culture Exchange among Students from the Universities all over the country in the Twelfth Higher Education Arts and Culture Promotion at Wong Chawalitkul University, Nakorn Ratchsima Province from December 9-12, 2012
 “Pasarnsil Thai Ratchaburi” join with Front Curtain Comodians in Charity Concert for Arts and Culture Promotion Against Drug Abuse on January 30, 2012

  Variety Ideas of Students with Arts and Culture

 The collection of pictures in thinking and doing as the pioneer province of Ratchaburi Artist Network for the Reformation
 The Project of Ratchaburi Art Reservation “Rak Sil Thin Ratchaburi” The Guidelines to revive Thai Karen Culture of Suan Phueng and Ban Ka Ratchaburi Province at Nang Paya Phueng Hill Resort Ban Ka Ratchaburi Province from April 26-27 2012
 The Meeting to find Environmental Designs of Chompon Cave at Chompon Cave, Chombueng, Ratchaburi on February 10, 2012
 The Training and Seminar for the Improvement of Natural Environment and Local Arts Work at the Ancient Area Khao Ngu Range, Muang, Ratchaburi from May 2 -3, 2012
 The Project of Training and Seminar to revive Thai Karen Culture of Suan Phueng and Ban Ka, Ratchaburi Province at Sangkhlaburi, Kanjanaburi Province from November 17-18, 2011
 The Project of Workshop on Local Guides from September 23-25, 2011
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