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Ratchaburi Notional Museum

          Aris objecls and archaeological items shown in the museum could well inform visitors of the history of Ratchaburi Province and its inhabitants from the past to the present day. Open dialy Wednesday to Sunday from 09.00 -16.00 hrs.

Moang Temple and Folklore Musuem

          The monastery houses a local museum with a large collection of art objects, ancient potteries and tools and an interesting ordination hall decorated with wonderful murals and paintings. Built in the reign of King Rama V of Bangkok in 1884, the temple and museum are daily open from 09.00 – 16.00 for the public

KhongKaram Temple

          Located in Tambon Klong Ta kot, Amphur photaram the Mon temple houses an ordination hall decorated with beautiful murals depicting Lord Buddha’s life.

Ku Bua Ancient City

          Located in Tambon Ku Bua. Amphur Muang about about five kms south of town hall, the city surrounded by ditches ever housed a great vihara of the Mahayana Buddhist Tradition. Only its base is currently left. The images of Bodhisattva found here was kept at Wat Khlong Sawankiri of Tambon Ku Bua.

Ngu (Snake) Mountrain Ranges

          Apart from the most revered and oldest Dvarvati-style image of Buddha sitting in the Eropean manner. The Ngu Mauntain Ranges house a laterite Buddha footprint atop a 128-meter-high hill. Annual celebration is held on the 11th of the 11th lunar month.

Khao Chong phran Temple and 100 million Bats

          Located in Moo 2. Tambon Tao poon, Amphur Photharam. Inside the cave are housed the Buddha’s footprint and a huge reclining Buddha image surrounded by those of small ones. Apart from Phra cave. Bats cave is also very interesting. At about 18.00 hrs everyday millons of small bats rush out or the cave to seek food and come back at dawn.

Chompon Cave

          Situated on the Ratchaburi-Jombung route about 30 kms away from town center and not for from the Rajaphat Chom Bueng University, is wonderfully decorated with stalagmites and stalactites. In front of the cave is located a 38-rai botanical park. Ldeal for rest and relaxation.

Bor Khlung Hot Creek

          Located in Amphur Suan Phung about 5 kms away from the district office or 75 kms away from town center, the creek is surrounded with natural beauties, Conveniently accessible by car. Accommodation available. WWW.boeklueng.com

Pong Yub

          Found in Tambon Tha Koei. Amphur Suan Phung about 60 Kms away from town center. Pong (a salt lick) Yub can be1 eached by the Ratchaburi-Suan Phung Rd (Rute #3087). The 10-ral salt lick is located 5 kms off km 27.

Damnoensaduak Floating Market

          Located about 46kms away from town center, close to Sukhapiban 1 Rd. Largest and located along the Ton Khem canal. Visitors could enjoy purchasing souvenirs and local products along the canal linking with Klong Damnoensaduak. The over 100 year old floating market is internationally renowned. Busy time commences from 07.00 – 12.00. Apart from appreciation of fantastic scenery and villager’s ways of life, tourists could enjoy shopping local products and fruits. As one of the country’s most important attractions, the market is worth visiting.

Phra Prabg in Wat Phra Sri Mahathat Vora Vihara

          Imitated from Angkor Wat in Cambodia and bellevingly constructec in the 6th centuy B.E. Phra Prong surrounded by a vihara kot housing Dvarvati. Lopburi and Ayudhaya-style laterite images of Buddha is situated in Muang Ratchaburi municipality The monastrey is also called Wat Nah Phra That.

Nong Hoi Temple

          Situated atop Nong Hoi Hill about 12 Kms away from town center, the temple houses a statue of hallowed Bodhisattva Guan lm. Conveniently accessible by car. Very crowded on holidays.

Kaenchan Hill

          The hill houses the hallowed Buddha image called Phra Buddha Nirokhan Tarai Chaiwat Chaturathit. Located off Petchkasem Rd about two kms away from town center.the 141-meter-high Kanchan Hill is very interesting

Information of Ratchaburi Culture Office

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