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Ratchaburibanlur Dance

          Ratchaburibanlur Dance was invented by assistance professor Arporn Sunthornwat, the head of Drama Department and the director of Cultural Center, Rajabhat Institute Muban Chombung. This dance represents the steps in jar making of Ratchaburi. In order to show the beauty of special weaving material called “Jok”, the costumes for all dancers were made of “Jok” from Don Rae, Rangbua District, Ratchaburi.
          The music used in this dance was composed from various Thai classic songs such as See Nuan Sow Farmer’ song, Dom Kai Song, Jeen Khim Lek Song and Long Drum Song. The music was played by one of the Thai musical band named “Sit Kru Ruam, Ratchaburi.
          The first time this dance was performed when the Royal Princess Sirinthorn vested Ratchaburi on April 29, 1993.

Translated by Dr.Kongkarn Wisedsook
A Qualified Committee The Office of Arts and Culture
Muban Chom Bueng University

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