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Rabam Chaya Uayporn (Chaya Blessing Dance)

          The dance of Chaya Blessing was developed from chaya Ratchaburi Dance with the objective of using the imagination of the heavenly damsel in the former Chaya Ratchaburi and developed to the show of the heavenly damsel in order to the blessing in important ceremony. It was the thinking and doing together of the students performing Chaya Ratchaburi and assistant professor Arporn Sunthornwat, Ajaan Manop Meejamras, and Ajaan Rajasak developing Chaya Ratchaburi to Chaya Uayporn. The dance showed the arts of movement combing with the coincident music and named the dance as Chaya Uayporn.

Translated by Dr.Kongkarn Wisedsook
A Qualified Committee The Office of Arts and Culture
Muban Chom Bueng University

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