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Nang Yai Wat Khanon
Wat Khanon’s Grand Shadow Puppets

         Wat Khanon is located in Photaram District, Ratchaburi Province. This temple is famous for preserving and performing grand shadow puppet shows known as “Nang Yai”. A museum exhibit of “Nang Yai” is located in and sponsored by this temple. Designing and carving Thai patterns on cow skin, Thai classical players hold the puppets over their heads while they dance. Both the puppets’ and the players’ shadows will appear on a light screen. The grand shadow puppet shows usually perform some stories from the Ramayana-a very famous story in South-East Asian literature.

“Hanuman Presenting the Ring” and “Inthorachit’s War”
“Hanuman Presenting the Ring” and “Inthorachit’s War” are well – known stories from the Ramayana Which are performed in the classical tradition of Nang Yai puppet shows.

“Hanuman Thawai Wan”-Hanuman
Presenting the Ring

         King Todsakun-the King of Giants-kidnaps seeda – the wife of King Rama and takes her to his city named Long – ka. On the way to his palace, he fights with Sadaya a huge bird. During the fight, the bird lets it slip that nothing but Seeda’s ring can kill him so King Todsaku takes off the ring and throws it at the bird. The ring breaks the bird’s wing and then falls to the ground. Seeda also drops her shaw! On the way as a clue for her husband-King Rama-to track her.

         While King Rama and Hanuman – a monkey who is one of King Rama’s great soldiers-are chasing after King Todsakun and Seeda,they find her ring and shaw!. King Rama asks Hanuman to go Long-ka City and return them to Seeda as a sign of his care to bring her back to King Rama.

         Hanuman reaches Long-ka City and meets Seeda in the royal garden. He presents both the ring and the shaw! To Seeda and asks her to go back with him. Seeda refuses because she does not want anyone saying that she “left with a giant and returned with a monkey”. To preserve her reputation she asks for King Rama himself to take her back home. Hanuman displays hes power to King Todsakan by destroying the king’s royal garden before leaving.

“Suak Inthorachit” – Inthorachit’s War

         Inthorachit’s War was one of many between King Todsakan and King Rame over Seeda. However, King Todsakan could not defeat King Rama. King Todsakan’s brother – Kumpakan – is killed on the battlefield and King Todsakan asks his son-Inthorachit-to join the battle. King Rama also sends his brother – Pra Luxmn – and some great soldiers including Sukreep and Hanuman to fight. Pra Luxmn wins the battle when he shoots his arrow and injures Inthorachit. Inthorachit goes back to Long-ka City and asks his mother-Montoe for help. His mother asks a very important goddess – Pra Uma – to help her son. After Pra Uma gives him her breast – milk to drink the arrow falls from Inthorachit’s body and his wound is completely healed.

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