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Costume with Thai Yuan Cloth, Ratchaburi

         The former costumes of Thai – Yuan in Ratchaburi for women were handmade woven “Pa-sin” and fitted long sleeve blouse with red stripe. The silver buttons are decorated on the front of the blouse. When staying at home, a woman usually uses a long piece of cloth to wrap around the top instead of a fancy blouse. A Thai – Yuan man wears a pants died with blue color and a long sleeve with red stripe. The front is also decorated with silver buttons. The waist is wrapped with a piece of cloth.

         The woman Thai – Yuan “Pasin” can be divided into 4 types:
         1. “ Sin” or “Teen – jok” can be used by the old women and young girls when going to temples or special festivals or special festivals. Sin is known as Sin – ta or Sin – Siew by using “jok” at the end of “Sin”
         2. “Sin-ta” can be worn by young girls for general occasions.
         3. “Sin – Siew” is a common Sin for wearing around the house.
         4. “Sin – Lae” is a common Sin when working inside the house or outside the house. Every young girl must have this kind of Pa – sin which is woven by hand for daily usage.

         Besides, there are some other things such as head covering cloth, jok sack and red sack including working sack etc.
         1. Head covering cloth made of “jok” for the becoming monk. This material is known as “Pa-pok” Hua – nak jok.
         2. Jok sak or Yam jok is woven for the monks and respected people.
         3. Red sack or Yam daeng is for women to put fresh areca nuts and betel leaves.
         4. Working Yam or Yam – ngarn, this kind of sacks are used in every family. The sacks are woven for putting agricultural products for sale or for traveling in the forests. This sack can also be used for holding the starch making Thai spaghetti (Khanom –jeen)
         5. Pa – Khao – ma jok is used to wrap around the waist or on the shoulder for men or women.
         6. Pa – Khao – ma daeng is used to wrap around the waist or on the should for men or women.
         7. Pa – tae – jok or a handkerchief or the cloth for wiping the areca nut juice.
         8. A woven bag to wrap around the waist. Men use this bag to carry things when going outside the house.
         9. Jok pillow, the jok designs are used to decorate the front sides of the pillow.
         10. Jok cloth to wrap up the teaching.

The Appearances of Thai Yuan Ratchburi

Pa – sin
   The Thai – Yuan Pasin of Ratchaburi is composed of 3 parts and each part is the top of sin (Hua – sin), the body of sin (Tua – sun) and the bottom of sin (Teen – sin)

-  Hua – sin
The top of sin is the white stripe on the top of sin and sewed with red stripe.

-  Tua – sin
The body of Sin is between the top and the bottom Sin. Each type has some differences.

-   Teen – sin
Teen – sin is the bottom of sin. Every Teen – sin must have yellow nail “Leb Lueng” at the end of the bottom of Sin

Characteristics of Teen – sin – jok.
-The Teen – sin jok mean there is the jok design only at the bottom of Sin.

-Sin - Teen – jok : There is jok desigh for the whole piece

-Sin – teen – jok : There are Yok – muk design in between Mad – mee design

Characteristics of Sin – ta
-The plain Sin – ta is the stripe woven. The body is black, yellow, green and the bottom has yellow nail and black stripes.


- Sin-ta moo : The body of Sin is woven from the designed group around the body and there are some spaces
- Sin – siew : The body of sin is green jok between the bottom and the body which is black.
- Sin – lae : The body of sin is black and there is a red stripe between the bottom and the body of Sin.
Jok Products from Ratchaburi
Pa – pok Hua – nak jok
Thai – Yuan Jok Sak, Ratchaburi

Yam – Daeng


Yam – Ngarn


Pa – Khao – ma jok


Pa – Khao – ma daeng


Pa – tae

Waist Bags
Jok – pillow front
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