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From Chom Bueng Village College to Rajabhat Institute

          Chom Bueng Village College was the educational organization to produce teachers who could be the leaders in community development in the rural area and could get along very well with the community The college was established on march 1, 1954 and started to operate on September 1, 1954 with the five year curriculum for the ninth grade students from the rural area. The students were all required to live in the dormitory so that students could learn together, think together and do together. The process under such a philosophy was continued until the year 1982.

          However, the Teacher’s College of Chombung Village was originally developed from Chom Bueng Village. In the year 1970, there were other teachers’ programs: the certificate of teacher education and the diploma of teacher education. by providing both full time students and evening programs. After there was the Teachers’ college. Act in the year 1975, the bachelor degree program could be produced by the Teachers’ college. In 1984, the teachers’ college was accepted as the nigher education institution and could produce the bachelor degree programs in the arts and science two years later.

          On January 28, 1995 the Rajabhat Institute Act was announced. Then, Rajabhat Institute became the local higher education institution. It can provide the educational programs until the doctoral degrees, do the research to serve the society, transfer technology and preserve arts and culture. Every personnel in Rajabhat must work together to do such missions with the loyalty to the king.
Translated by Dr.Kongkarn Wisedsook
A Qualified Committee The Office of Arts and Culture
Muban Chom Bueng University

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